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Hugh Slader Glanville W.W.1

died 11th November 1917

East Llanteg - the family home

Beersheba Cemetery

Buried in Plot P 19

Plaque from Crunwere Church

With the village church now being closed and redundant the Hugh Slader Glanville War Memorial was relocated to Llanteg Hall.
In a service on 11th November 2009 Rev'd Geach dedicated the memorial during the Remembrance Day service, 92 years to the day from when Hugh Slader Glanville died.

August 2014
More information has come to light regarding Hugh Slader Glanville.

It seems he went from Greenhill School to study Agriculture at Aberystwyth University (thanks to Steve John for the info). 
Aberystwyth Old University - c. Richard Croft

H.S.Glanville is also recorded on the War Memorial at the University, as well as at Greenhill.

Aberystwyth Memorial - c. Steve John

Greenhill Memorial - c. Mike Berrell

We were also contacted by a Mr Powell whose grandfather fought alongside H.S.Glanville at Gaza.

It seems Benjamin Morgan rescued H.S.Glanville from the field of battle when he had been injured. This was such a daring deed of bravery under fire that Benjamin was awarded the Military Medal.  Unfortunately H.S.Glanville died from his wounds.

Benjamin Morgan was from Boncath and was presented with the MM by the Duke of Connaught in Jerusalem on 20th March 1918.

Benjamin Morgan survived the war unscathed, only to later die from a fall in 1927.

Hugh Slader Glanville must have left a lasting impression on his friend Benjamin who later went on to name his son 'Glanville' in honour of his lost comrade.

It seems the Military Medal left the family after Benjamin Morgan died in an accident aged just 30 years - leaving his wife with two young children to bring up alone.

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